About Us

Techworm is a carefully curated online technology news website covering everything under the umbrella of computers, mobile, and real-world technologies.

A decade ago, what was started by a passionate individual with a zeal for cyber-security molded into a greater avenue of delivering the 3 R’s of content – Reliability, Research, and Rounded.

You will find over 11,000 pieces of content published and polished by cyber security researchers, engineers, consultants, speakers, and professionals from other fields. The content’s purview ranges from How-Tos, cyber-security news, and in-depth reviews of the software and products.

Our focal point has been easy-to-follow, jargon-free articles that are quick to grasp—catering to a wide spectrum of users with varying levels of technical knowledge.

Growing Trust

Many technology websites have inspired us over the years with their flabbergasting content. At every step, they push us to amp up the benchmarks we set for ourselves.

Showcasing their trust in our content, they have referenced back to us for several of their pieces.