Amazon Prime is one of the most popular movies and TV shows streaming service that is used by millions of users. This popular media streaming service has an extensive collection of TV shows.

Well, even after scrolling and exploring lots of content you still question yourself “What should I watch on Amazon Prime?” then this article might help you. So these are some of the best TV shows from different genres available on Amazon Prime that are worth watching.

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Best TV Shows On Amazon Prime


1. Shameless (2011)


The first best TV series to watch on Amazon Prime is Shameless. Consisting of around 9 seasons and more than 100 episodes Shameless is a story of a Gallagher family and the problems they face due to poverty.

The family consists of six smart, industrious, independent kids and their alcoholic father Frank. Every episode of Shameless has an interesting storyline.

2. Forever (2014)


The next best show on Amazon Prime is Forever. Created by Matt Hubbard and Alan Yang, Forever is a story of Married couple June and Oscar. This comedy and drama based series on Amazon Prime depicts how June and Oscar live co-operatively with each other for many years.

Later after a ski trip, they find themselves in a completely otherworldly situation. Overall, Forever is an interesting Amazon Prime show and it’s worth checking out.

3. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017)

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is another popular Amazon Prime series. This award-winning TV series has an interesting storyline and it allows viewers to relive the life of a woman from the 1950s.

Overall The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is one of the best comedy and drama based Amazon Prime series.

4. Young Sheldon (2017)

Young Sheldon

The next best Amazon Prime show on the list is Young Sheldon. Created by Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro, Young Sheldon is a story of a  genius 10-year-old kid named Sheldon Cooper.

Young Sheldon consists of a series of interesting events and the series revolves around the family and life of Sheldon Copper. Well, if you have been scouting for a comedy based Amazon Prime TV show then Young Sheldon might impress you.

5. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (2018)

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is another popular Amazon Prime series. Created by Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is full of action and it’s the story of an up-and-coming CIA analyst, Jack Ryan.

Jack Ryan investigates a suspicious series of bank transfers which leads him to a deadly game throughout Europe and the Middle East. Overall, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is an interesting Amazon Prime show.

6. Bosch (2014)


Bosch is an Amazon Prime original TV show that consists of 4 seasons and 40 episodes. Created by Michael Connelly and Eric Ellis Overmyer, Bosch is a story of an L.A.P.D. homicide detective who investigates the murder of a thirteen-year-old boy.

Overall Bosch is an interesting crime TV show and you should add it to your Amazon Prime watchlist.

7. The Man in the High Castle (2015)

The Man in the High Castle

The next best Amazon Prime TV show on the list is The Man in the High Castle. Consisting of around 3 seasons and around 30 episodes, The Man in the High Castle depicts the condition of the United States if the Allied Powers had lost WWII.

The Man in the High Castle is a perfect blend of drama, sci-fi, and thriller genres and it’s worth watching.

8. Transparent (2014)


Transparent is another best TV series to watch on Amazon Prime. Created by Jill Soloway, Transparent is a story of a family from L.A. in which one of the family members plans to transition into a woman. The family goes through a series of events after their secrets start to spill out.

This comedy and drama based Amazon Prime show is worth checking out.

9. The Royals (2015)

The Royals

The next best Amazon Prime Original show on the list is The Royals. Created by Mark Schwahn, The Royals is a drama about a fictional British Royal family and the story is set in modern London.

The Royal is a fairly underrated show but you should add it to your Amazon Prime watchlist.

10. Homecoming (2018)


The next best TV show on the list is Homecoming. Created by Micah Bloomberg, Eli Horowitz, and Sam Esmail Homecoming is a thriller and drama based Amazon Prime series.

Homecoming is a facility that helps soldiers transition to civilian life and its a story of a woman who works at Homecoming.

11. The Boys (2019)

The Boys

If you have been craving some superhero action then The Boys TV series might fulfill your cravings. This series is set in a universe where superpowered individuals are recognized as heroes and they are owned and operated by powerful corporation Vought International.

Sadly, Vought International consists of many arrogant and corrupt heroes. The newly formed team of The Boys, led by Billy Butcher fights back against superpowered individuals who abuse their abilities.

12. This Is Us (2016)

this is us

This Is Us is the story of Rebecca Pearson, who once had a difficult pregnancy with triplets. This American family comedy-drama television series showcases the joys and struggles of Rebecca Pearson, her husband Jack Pearson and three children namely Kevin, Kate, and Randall.

Created by Dan Fogelman, This Is Us has an engaging storyline and you should definitely check it out on Amazon Prime Video.

13. Star Trek: Picard (2020)

star trek

Star Trek is one of the oldest TV series in existence. Well, Star Trek: Picard is the latest edition of this sci-fi franchise. This TV series is set at the end of the 24th century and its story revolves around the character Jean-Luc Picard.

Jean-Luc Picard is sought out by a mysterious young woman, Dahj, in need of his help, he soon realizes that she is no other than the daughter of the android Commander data. You can find out more about this interesting TV series by watching it on Prime Videos.

14. Mr. Bean (1990)

Mr Bean

If you were a kid of the 90s or early 2000s then you must have laughed out loud watching Mr. Bean fulfill his everyday tasks. No matter how many times you watch it Mr. Bean never gets old. The Mr. Bean TV series consists of 15 episodes and you can easily watch all of them on Amazon Prime Video.

15. The Big Bang Theory (2007)

The Big Bang Theory

With a total of 279 episodes over 12 seasons, The Big Bang Theory is the next best Amazon Prime TV Show that you should watch. In this TV show, two brilliant physicists namely Leonard and Sheldon face problems while interacting with women. Luckily, a free-spirited beauty, named Penny, moves in next door and helps these physicists.

16. The Handmaid’s Tale (2017)


Created by Bruce Millar, The Handmaid’s Tale is a story of a woman who is forced to live in a concubinage relationship under a fundamentalist theocratic dictatorship. In this TV series, a religion-based autocracy takes over most of the United States and women are second-class citizens. The ones who try to escape are punished severely. 

17. Fleabag (2016)


Created and written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Fleabag is a British comedy-drama television series. The story of this TV show is adapted from the award-winning play about a young woman trying to cope with life in London. In this series, Fleabag who is a dry-witted woman navigates life and love in London while trying to cope with a tragedy.

18. Modern Love (2019)

Modern Love

The next best Prime Video TV series on the list is Modern Love. Well, Modern Love is a perfect blend of Romance, Comedy, and Drama genres. This TV series consists of several love stories that are completely different from traditional relationships. You will undoubtedly have a good time watching this TV show.

19. Dexter (2006)


Created by James Manos Jr., Dexter is a story of blood-spatter analyst for the Miami police. During the day, Dexter sticks to his job, but as the sun goes down he becomes a serial killer and only targets other murderers. Overall, Dexter is an engaging TV show and you should definitely check it out.

20. CONSTANTINE (2014)

Constantine is another American horror drama television series and it’s developed by Daniel Cerone and David S. Goyer. John Constantine is a demon hunter and dabbling master of the occult and he protects the innocent from the converging supernatural threats. He uses his skills and a supernatural scry map to send the threats back where they belong. 

21. Taken (2017)


Taken is an action-oriented TV series that is created by Luc Besson and Alexander Cary. In this series, Bryan Mills who is a former CIA agent deals with a personal tragedy that shakes his world. While going after his revenge Mills is forced to become a deadly CIA operative. His newly assigned job helps him unlock his very dangerous set of skills.

22. Preacher (2016)


Preacher is another addictive TV series that you should definitely check out. As a hard-drinking, chain-smoking preacher, Jesse Custer is blessed with extraordinary power. Later, he sets out on a journey to find God and disclose the secret behind his power. He is accompanied by his ex-girlfriend, Tulip, and new vampire friend, Cassidy.

23. The Grand Tour (2016)


If you are an automobile enthusiast then The Grand Tour will definitely impress you. In this  British motoring television series Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May roam around the world and drive muscle cars, Italian classics, hot hatchbacks, luxury bargains, and pick-up trucks.

24. Mr. Robot (2015)

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is one of the best suspense TV shows on Prime Videos. Elliot is the main character of this series and he is a brilliant but highly unstable young cyber-security engineer and vigilante hacker.

In this series, Elliot joins hands with a strange feisty young woman named Darlene and a secretive middle-aged man named Mr. Robot to take down E-Corp, the corrupt multi-national financial company.

25. Person of Interest (2016)


The last best TV show on the list is Person Of Interest. Well, Person of Intrest is a perfect blend of suspense, action, and drama genre. This series is set in New York City, and in this series, an ex-CIA agent coupled with a mysterious billionaire prevents violent crimes by using an all-seeing machine that can predict events before they happen.

What Can You Watch On Amazon Prime 2020?

You can watch popular TV shows like Shameless, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Forever, Young Sheldon, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and many other movies on Amazon Prime in 2020.


So these were the best TV and web shows from different genres to watch on Amazon Prime right now.

Do share any of your personal recommendations for the best Amazon Prime shows in the comments section below