A successful debut: The China-based e-mobility manufacturer unveiled a new model featuring innovative technology and exceptional performance.

Yadea: A Trusted Manufacturer of Electric Two-Wheelers

This is Yadea’s fifth invitation to participate in ElCMA.

Yadea entered the electric bike industry in its early stages and has over 20 years of expertise in the manufacture of electric two-wheelers. 


Yadea has been the world leader in annual sales of e-mobility products for the last six successive years.

Also in the same year, Yadea raised R&D spending by 31.1% with six technological hubs, a national industrial design hub, and a pair of CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) labs.

Besides, the company has a strong R&D team in Wuxi and Shanghai with 340 R&D experts, along with immense product design expertise.

All of Yadea’s R&D investment and technological innovations are dedicated to promoting environmental protection and green commute.

As the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly transportation continues to rise, Yadea is making waves in the market with its innovative products and cutting-edge technologies.

Yadea ElitePrime E-Scooter

Yadea ElitePrime

The latest Yadea Electric Scooter series products showcase incredible capabilities in terms of advanced polymer shock absorption technology and minimalist urban appearance.

The unique Polymer Shock Absorption design leverages on polymer shock absorbers to reduce rattle and absorb impact better than springs.

Front and rear suspension gives riders the cushion and confidence to take on urban streets. ElitePrime, with unique ergonomic handlebars, this e-scooter is designed for upscale, comfortable, and safe transportation.

Often defined by its uniqueness in folding up and storage, ElitePrime is an exceptionally practical e-scooter for daily urban commutation, featuring a durable frame, sizeable wheels, and a seamless folding mechanism.

With a powerful 800-watt motor, amazing climbing ability, and a state-of-the-art braking system, ElitePrime takes urban transportation to new heights.

Also, ElitePrime features a broad footboard, considerably high ground clearance, and double suspension to make scooting captivating and comfortable.

Besides, Yadea argues that ElitePrime is designed with “SUV-like” features that enable it to beat all road conditions, providing a stable and safe ride.

The newly launched Yadea ElitePrime e-scooter is now globally available for purchase at a cost of USD 1,499.

Let’s delve into specific technical details and find out why ElitePrime is the ultimate e-scooter for urban adventure.

  • Powerful Motor: 800-Watts Scooting Power

Yadea ElitePrime features an 800-watt (with a peak output of 1500-watt), 40-Nm torque motor that powers the e-scooter to hit an astounding top speed of 20 miles per hour(32 kilometers per hour).

Whereas the powerful motor pushes ElitePrime to climb inclines up to 30%, the front and rear suspensions allow the e-scooter to ride smoothly even on bumpy highways and/or pavements.

  • Battery: (46.8VDC 14.5Ah)

With a single charge of the 678Wh lithium battery, Yadea ElitePrime can cover a distance of up to 40 miles (or 65 kilometers).

Also, its regenerative braking system tops the battery charge while riding. Certainly, ElitePrime is the ultimate choice for riders seeking to embark on lengthy rides or city exploration without the fear of running out of power. 

Notably, the Yadea ElitePrime features a magnetic charger design.

  • Advanced Braking System

Yadea ElitePrime features a robust braking system that guarantees riders’ safety in all conditions. 

For example, ElitePrime will instantly come to a halt if inclined 45 degrees, thus eliminating the risk of riders falling off. 

Triple brake system includes disc dual-brake, drum brake, and electric brake, 0.1s instant response.

  • Self-repairing Tubeless Tires 

ElitePrime rolls on a pair of 10-inch wheels with “self-repairing” tubeless tires.

The “self-repairing” tire technology implies that the tires can mend themselves after getting punctured by sharp objects like nails, stones, and sticks among others.

For improved stability, ElitePrime‘s wheels are wider compared to those on other Yadea scooters.

The SUV inspiration is evident in the 24% higher ground clearance and broader footboard compared to Yadea’s other e-scooter models.

  • Aesthetics

ElitePrime appears quite stylish, elegant, and compact and blends well with a futuristic vibe. When folded down for storage, it shortens its height by almost one-third. 

Its aluminum-built frame offers its strength.

It also features a front headlight and rear indicators, and an LED screen that displays important ride data.

  • Companion App

Riders can download iOS and Android companion apps to facilitate a variety of smart control capabilities, such as remote locking and unlocking, adaptive connection, instantaneous parking spot updates, and navigation control.

Yadea: Looking Towards the Future

E-scooters are rapidly becoming the preferred mode of urban transportation, providing an easy, sustainable, and fascinating means to get around the city’s busy streets.

Yadea, a pioneer in the field of EVs, has shown its latest masterpiece. Yadea also had two other models from the same series of e-scooters unveiled at EICMA 2023, and it is rumored that there will be an official product release in 2024.

Let’s look forward to it together. 

The company’s participation at EICMA 2023 underscores its devotion to sustainability, innovation, and production of the leading e-mobility products and technologies.

With the fast evolution of the modes of transportation in the cities, forget those olden rollerblades and pedal bicycles because e-mobility is here with us.

With its user-friendly controls, thrilling top speed of 20 miles per hour, and revolutionary tire technology, the e-mobility ride is destined to revolutionize the way urban commuters navigate the city.

Yadea’s products and technologies offer a glimpse into what mobility could look like in the future – a hassle-free, entertaining, and eco-friendly experience combined with performance and style.