Have you ever thought of running a Windows Phone on an Apple MacBook?

While this is a question that could have many of us wondering, an enterprising YouTube content creator has converted this imagination into reality in a new video.

“Martin,” who runs a YouTube channel called Nobel Tech, has uploaded a new video to his YouTube channel showcasing how Windows 10 Mobile would look like if it were to run on an old MacBook.

As one can see in the above video, the YouTuber can be seen powering on the unidentified Apple MacBook.

He then selects the Windows Phone operating system from Apple’s Bootcamp menu, and boots right into the standard Windows Phone Start Screen (via Windows Central).

While the video clip doesn’t show how he got Windows 10 Mobile installed on the MacBook, it does show how well Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps scale across MacBook’s 13-inch display.

This flexible scaling was possible because UWP was an adaptive app platform, which supported a UI framework.

Martin says that he was able to get Windows 10 Mobile to run on his old MacBook “after a bit of experimenting.” The YouTuber also claims that he installed Windows Phone on his MacBook just for fun and added that “there is no practical use for this.”

While the YouTuber did the experiment for fun, he has published a how-to guide called “How I put Windows Phone on a MacBook!” on his website for those who want to try out his experiment.

“If you have come across this below video recently, you’re guaranteed to think to yourself: “How to do this?”. Well this tutorial will explain it in the most basic terms. And if you know what you’re doing, it’s actually very simple,” reads the description before the demo video.

This is followed by step-wise instructions by Martin on how one can get a Windows 10 Phone running on an Apple MacBook.

At the end of the how-to guide, he has also provided his email id for any questions (in case you are stuck) or feedback.